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  MG Bricklaying & Landscaping

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Our Services - As established small bricklaying and paving contractors in Bendigo and Koondrook Barham we offer a range of quality services....

We encourage clients when they are considering making changes to their property to think about and consider the following;

How are you currently using the space in your yard?

How do you want to use it?

Who will be using this new space/new feature? Kids? Pets? Entertaining?

Essentials in the new Feature - Where will the clothesline fit?

What sort of Longevity are you after?

Foundations or Basework - The correct Foundation/Basework preparation will continue to withstand the test of time.

As a lot of this work is "unseen" by the client, if shortcuts are taken, and this important part of the project is not completed correctly by a professional, then the end result will fail over time. Choosing a qualified company with years of experience will ensure your end result stands the test of time.


What we Offer


Brickwork - Fireplaces, Letterboxes
Landscaping  Brickwork
Paving - Our expert paving covers all styles, sizes, materials, patterns
Small Brick Retaining Walls 
Garden Edging - Brick, Paver, 

Driveway Edging 

Fencing - Small Brick